Rocketstar Foundation is a competence network to…

Web3 is a new paradigm of how to leverage information technology for public good in a community-owned, decentralized and Open Source way.

The goal is not to increase the value for one private or public centralized entity or stakeholder group but for the whole ecosystem consisting of creators, users and investors as well as public and private organizations, in a fair way. Increasing public good includes finding long term solutions to environmental, sustainability and governance challenges.

Web3 by nature is composable, which besides other aspects, allows for new forms of collaboration, innovation and experimentation. Adopting this paradigm offers enterprises and other organizations unparalleled potential. However, many web3 projects are not equipped to engage with this kind of large and complex organization. Many enterprises are struggling to navigate the dynamic Web3 space. Rocketstar Foundation focusses on projects of the wider web3 ethereum ecosystem.

A competence network with vast capabilities from both, the enterprise and web3 world

Rockstar is organized in three different member groups


Experienced champions in their field with a proven track record of success and a strong network.

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High potential crypto-native young professionals aiming to get on a fast track in web3 adoption and ecosystem development.

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Focus on leveraging their powerful network with the aim to maximize their impact on society and economy via the advancement of web3.

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Rockstar members are characterized by growth mindset, a desire to advance public good and a focus on value creation and outcomes.

Ultimately Rocketstar Foundation provides web3 projects access to world class ecosystem builders that allows their missions to launch with predictable success.

Enterprises will be enabled to shape and execute on their web3 strategy, upgrade their business models and solve real business challenges with a holistic web3 solution approach.


  • Enabling innovations

  • Orchestrating cross-organizational change engagements

  • Composing lasting ecosystem