Us and the Universe

We fully embrace (and rephrase) the motto of Gene Kranz (Former Flight Director of NASA). When the stakes are high and failure is not an option we need to take calculated risks and kickstart the right missions to advance the state of the world. Gridlock is a safe way to lose. We embark on missions with determination and a disruptive mindset.

Leading Questions:

  • How can we influence the situation most effectively and positively?

  • What can we contribute to the situation?

Nowadays, the potential impact one team can have on mankind is higher than ever before. Consequently, the responsibility we have as a team is much higher, too. We leave our egos at home, communicate openly, practice an abundance mindset and give more than we take. This enables us to unlock our combined potential to positively impact a billion people.

Leading Questions:

  • How can we contribute to society and the greater good?

  • What is our lasting and sustainable impact?


Our Rocketship

Mission Control is our life insurance, but without a crew, Mission Control cannot achieve anything. We acknowledge that progress often comes from unforeseen places and edges. We consider all stakeholders and embrace fair solutions even if that means looking for the third way. Trust is one of our key values and we aim to inspire it by exceptional character, competence and confidence. We want to be the Rocketstars of collaboration and decentralized governance. We also want to help advance this field and bring it to the next level.

Leading Questions:

  • How can we help leverage the team’s and others’ capabilities more effectively?

  • What are others seeing?

Technological innovation is accelerating exponentially. It is the key to mastering the big challenges of our lifetime, and yet it is the source of many challenges. We need to ensure that social innovation is up to date and that we create sustainable and regenerative systems.

42 is a synonym for the desire of mankind seeking for truth and meaning. It is a synonym of knowing what questions to ask and the importance of context. When we “42”, we search for this cosmic context which is fuelled by the endless opportunities created by the exponential leaps in technology.

Leading Questions:

  • Are we asking the right questions?

  • What will be the impact of our decisions and actions in 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 years and 7 decades?


Can you hear the iconic lyrics of Frank Sinatra’s hit playing in your head?

Playfulness, rhythm and a sense for aesthetics will unleash huge Rocketstar potential. Therefore we’ll jointly and joyfully fly to the moon.

There is no doubt about it.

Leading Questions:

  • How can we make every engagement a stellar experience?

  • How do we and everyone else feel about the situation?

Our Engine

President Kennedy was the initiator of the first moonshot. Since then we know ambitious goals have the power to attract and align the right people who share a common goal. We believe high-performance teams can only be generated with a common goal, empowerment and embracing a growth and challenger mindset.

Leading Questions:

  • What personal and organizational growth opportunities are in the situation?

  • How can we improve – and help others improve?